Investment Tips: How to change preferences as per your age slabs

by Jeremy

Long-term investments need proper planning.

Long-term investments need proper planning. However, it’s not a one-time process, and you need to reassess your investments from time to time as needs and preferences change with your age.

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Following are some of the tips that you may observe to manage your investments as per your age slabs:

In your 20s

Invest in yourself: Health is wealth. Instead of wasting money by visiting pubs, join a gym, eat healthily and teach a healthy lifestyle to keep diseases away.

Develop saving habits: It’s always better to start saving early so that you may begin investing for your future needs. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, your wasteful expenses will get automatically reduced, and you will save more.

Emergency fund: Once you start earning, your financial obligations also begin. So, you should build an emergency fund so that you may fulfill your financial commitments even if there is a disruption in your earnings.

Invest aggressively: With a long earning career ahead, you may afford to take short-term risks and invest in equities for higher long-term gains.

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