iPads and iPhones can finally play Xbox games via cloud-based streaming

by Jeremy

Last year, Microsoft promised that its cloud-based game streaming service – previously known as Project xCloud – would make its way to iPhones and iPads via a web browser in the Spring season. In case you’re unfamiliar, Apple initially blocked services such as xCloud and Google’s Stadia from being listed on the App Store for policy violation, as Apple wanted to review each game offered by these subscription-based services individually, which was not deemed acceptable by Microsoft. True to its word, the software giant has now announced that it will start sending beta testing invites for its cloud-based game streaming service to select iPhone and iPad users starting tomorrow.

Chrome, Edge, and Safari will help you access over 100 Xbox titles

Of course, you’ll need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to enjoy games on your iPhone and iPad once you get the invite. But do keep in mind that this is not a wide rollout. Instead, the Xbox team is taking a cautious approach here and is sending out invites to players in all 22 supported regions in a phased manner as a beta, ensuring that bugs can be taken care of and performance tuning can be done.


Those who have been invited to try out the cloud-based game streaming service on their iPhone and iPad can visit the xbox.com/play to enjoy over 100 Xbox games on their Apple phone or tablet. Additionally, you can pick between a compatible controller (wired or Bluetooth) and touch-screen controls that are now available for over 50 games. As for the browser you choose to enjoy games, you can pick between Edge, Google, Chrome, and Safari.

Microsoft’s game streaming service is ready for Windows 10 PCs too via a browser

In addition to iPhones and iPads, Microsoft is also extending its cloud-based game streaming service to Windows 10 PCs. What this means is even if you don’t have a fire-breathing gaming PC, you will still be able to have a smooth experience of playing games on your business laptop without having to worry about your machine choking. That is because Microsoft is offloading all graphics processing duties to server blades that employ Xbox hardware, which means all you need is a Windows 10 machine and a stable internet connection to tear through some monsters in Doom Eternal.

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