Jill Biden To Parents Struggling Amid The Pandemic: ‘You’re Not Failing. You’re Strong.’

by Jeremy

First lady Jill Biden spoke on the hurdles facing parents in the era of COVID-19 and her views on teaching and motherhood in an interview with Parents magazine that was published on Thursday.


Maybe you’ve made mac ‘n’ cheese for dinner one too many times,” Biden said, addressing working mothers struggling with the stresses of pandemic life. “Maybe your temper is shorter than usual. Maybe you’re too tired to be the ‘fun mom.’ It’s okay. You’re not failing. You’re strong. You’re resilient. And you’re doing your best to carry your family through one of the most challenging times in memory. Biden, who has taught English composition at Northern Virginia Community College since 2009 and has a doctorate in education, is the first first lady to maintain a paying job while carrying her out.

White House duties. She stressed that a “sea change” was needed within the next five years to support parents similarly wearing multiple hats ― often juggling child care, a job, and college at the same time. Equal pay. Affordable, quality child care. Debt-free community college. Paid family leave,” Biden listed as critical priorities. “Both moms and dads are facing the chaotic reality of working from home while toddlers climb all over them. Essential workers have to go to work every day without anywhere to send their kids. We’re seeing how badly we need better balance for us all.

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