Meet the Google Pixel 6 and Tensor, High Galaxy Z Fold 3 prices & more! (video)

by Jeremy

Let’s begin the month of August like we always do, with some deals, starting with this year’s flagships. Amazon currently has the OnePlus 9 Pro for 90 dollars off, leaving the 12 Gigs of RAM variant for 979; I know it’s still pretty crazy even with the added RAM. If you’re not a fan of the 9 Series, the regular OnePlus 8 is available for almost 300 bucks off, leaving the base tier for an incredible 400. Since we’re talking about Pixels today, Woot has the Pixel 4 for half off its original price

tag so that you can grab it for 389. Moving on to Sammy’s trade-in deals, if you’re one of the fans that want the Galaxy Note to stay, you can get the Note 20 Ultra for as low as 600 dollars or the regular Note 20 for 449. The S21 Series is still getting the same treatment where you can get the standard model for 99 bucks, the Plus for 200, or the Ultra for 400; you need an eligible device to trade-in for all of these. Moving back on to Amazon, the M1 Mac mini is getting a 100 dollar discount, so it starts at 799. Finally, Sony’s Mark 4 over-the-ear headphones are currently available for 72 bucks off, leaving them at 278. We have more deals on other Macs, more Samsung products, and more in the links in the description.

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