Merit Mood Flush Balm Cream Blush Review & Swatches

by Jeremy

Merit Mood Flush Balm Cream BlushMerit Mood Flush Balm Cream Blush ($28.00 for 0.31 oz.) is a medium-dark plum with subtle, warm undertones and a glossy finish. It never thoroughly dried down and remained relatively emollient to the touch (so by no means transfer-resistant), so that lustrous finish was very noticeable!

merit mood 001 product

It had sheer coverage, which was as marketed, and could be built up to semi-sheer to medium coverage if desired. The texture had a lot of slip and felt very emollient to the touch, so it was spreadable and blendable, but I was surprised and happy to see that it retained its color when applied and didn’t just spread away to nothing. The product worked well over bare skin and on top of foundation as it did not lift base products. It stayed on nicely for six hours before fading noticeably.

Formula Overview
for details on general performance and characteristics (like the scent).

Formula Overview

$28.00/0.31 oz. – $90.32 Per Ounce

The formula is supposed to give a “transparent veil of color” with a “light, balmy finish” that is “long-lasting.” It’s one of the more emollient consistencies I’ve come across in cream blushes these days! It looks like a solid, dome-shaped balm, but as soon as I touched it, the texture had a high slip and felt almost oily as a result. They delivered on the “transparent veil of color” with sheer to semi-sheer coverage that blended out to a more watercolored effect on the skin.

I was surprised–but in a good way–to find that it applied well over foundation and didn’t seem prone to lifting my base products as often; very emollient textures can interact more noticeably when layered over other things in my experience. It worked well over bare skin, too, and didn’t “sink” into pores like some cream blushes have for me.

It didn’t dry down and remained movable hours later, so the shorter-wear time (six to seven hours) wasn’t a surprise. The product didn’t feel tacky, just emollient throughout; I have more “normal” skin on my actual cheek area where I tested this formula (I’m drier near my nose and nose).

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