Newsmax Distances Itself From Host Who Said Vaccines Go ‘Against Nature’

by Jeremy


A Newsmax host’s “hot take” about the COVID-19 vaccines apparently left his network bosses cold.

How cold? So cold that the network distanced itself from the comments and made a point to support President Joe Biden’s vaccine outreach.

Last Friday, Rob Schmitt, who is not a doctor, suggested that vaccines like the ones being used to fight the coronavirus are “kind of going against nature” because they prevent a disease that’s ”supposed to wipe out a certain amount of people.”

Although Schmitt tried to claim on Twitter that the people griping about his remarks didn’t watch the full segment, his Newsmax bosses felt the need to make it clear they didn’t agree with his dubious science.

A network spokesperson told The Washington Post that it supports the government’s vaccination program:

“Newsmax as a network strongly supports President Biden’s efforts to widely distribute the COVID vaccine. It is important for the safety of all and especially those at high risk, such as the elderly.”

The network also made it clear that though some guests or hosts “may not be as supportive of these efforts,” their opinions “do not reflect the position of Newsmax.”

The Newsmax clip went viral on Monday after it was posted by, and Schmitt was thoroughly mocked by Twitter users who prefer vaccination theories that don’t encourage death.

HuffPost reached out to Schmitt for comment on the Newsmax statement, but he did not immediately respond.

You can see the original segment below.


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