Next.js 11 now available with new live collaboration features

by Jeremy

Vercel, the company behind the React and JavaScript framework Next.js, announced the release of Next.js 11 at its Next.js ConfNew improvements include faster starts and changes, real-time feedback, live collaboration, and image optimizations.  Vercel announced a preview of Next.js Live, which enables developers to develop in their web browsers. According to the company, this allows developers to collaborate and share with a URL, leading to faster feedback loops, less time spent waiting for builds, and real-time peer programming. 

Screenshot of Next.js Live

The company also announced that the Aurora team at Google Chrome had created Conformance, which provides solutions and rules for optimal loading. Conformance offers script prioritization and font enhancement automations which can reduce First and Largest Contentful Paint times, enabling developers to improve Core Web Vitals scores. 

At Google Chrome, we believe our collaboration with Next.js is an example of how to set predictable outcomes for loading performance,” said Hussein Djirdeh, developer advocate at Google. “We love working together with great frameworks to help developers make the web faster, and we’re incredibly grateful for the maintainers and sponsors of the frameworks that enable the web to thrive. A special thanks to the Next.js team for testing with us

and sharing the cost of many early attempts. Next.js 11 also adds a new tool to help developers migrate from Create React App to Next.js. According to Vercel, there has been an increase in these migrations over the past six months. The new tool adds a ‘pages/’ directory, moves CSS imports to the correct location, and enables a Create React App compatibility mode which ensures patterns work with Next.js.

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