Nine security flaws found in critical hospital infrastructure

by Jeremy

Researchers have identified nine critical vulnerabilities in the pneumatic tube system (PTS) used by 80% of hospitals in North America and 3,000 hospitals worldwide, putting them at heightened risk of ransomware attacks.

Nine security flaws found in critical hospital infrastructure

The vulnerabilities – discovered in Swisslog Healthcare’s Translogic PTS by researchers from security platform Armis – were found in the Nexus Control Panel, which powers all current models of the Translogic PTS stations.

The system plays a crucial role in patient care. It is considered a critical healthcare infrastructure responsible for transporting medications, blood products, lab samples, and other materials throughout hospitals via a network of automated pneumatic tubes.

By exploiting the nine vulnerabilities – collectively dubbed PwnedPiper – attackers would be able to take over PTS stations and gain complete control over a target hospital’s tube network, in turn allowing them to launch ransomware attacks by deliberately re-routing materials to disrupt a hospitals workflow or even halting the operation of the system altogether.

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