OPPO’s new under-screen camera tech promises a ‘no-compromise’ full-screen experience

by Jeremy

Back in September last year, ZTE launched the world’s first phone with an under-display camera. While the tech looked promising, it was plagued with several significant issues — including poor image quality and inconsistent display quality in the area right above the under-screen camera. OPPO has unveiled its next-generation under-screen camera technology, bringing several significant improvements and promising

to take the full-screen experience to new levels. To solve the technical challenges that have plagued first-gen under-screen camera technologies, OPPO has made several changes to the structure design and developed advanced AI algorithms. The company’s “innovative pixel geometry” helps shrink the size of each pixel without reducing the number of pixels. This ensures a 400 PPI pixel density even above the camera area.

VPN Deals: Lifetime license for $16, monthly plans at $1 & moreOPPO is also using a transparent screen wiring material, which is said to be 50% thinner than traditional wiring and capable of providing a similar visual experience as the best Android phones. For improved brightness and chromaticity, OPPO’s new under-display camera prototype uses a proprietary screen technology.

Unlike existing solutions, which use the one-pixel circuit to drive two pixels, OPPO’s solution uses each pixel circuit to move only one pixel. Combined with the company’s algorithmic compensation technology, the technology ensures brightness and chromaticity deviation of only 2%. In addition to providing a more immersive experience, OPPO claims its “1-to-1” pixel circuit and optimization algorithm can also help extend the display’s lifespan by up to 50%.

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