Oracle fleshes out hybrid cloud and edge computing strategy with Roving Edge Infrastructure devices

by Jeremy

Oracle is continuing to build out its hybrid cloud strategy by introducing an edge computing-enabling device for enterprises that need to host workloads in remote locations with limited connectivity.

The Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure devices are ruggedized, on-premise units containing scalable server nodes that provide users with access to the software giant’s core cloud infrastructure services and applications. It enables customers to operate cloud applications and workloads in the field, including machine learning inference, real-time data integration, and replication, augmented analytics, and query-intensive data warehouses,” said Oracle in a statement.

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Each Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure unit comes equipped with 40 Oracle Central Processing Units (CPUs), 512 MB RAM, and 61 TB of storage and can be clustered together into groups of 5 to 15 nodes as required.

Speaking to Computer Weekly, Regis Louis, vice-president of cloud strategy for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) at Oracle, said the firm acknowledges the emergence of the Roving Edge Infrastructure devices that hybrid cloud comes in many forms for enterprises.

“All global organizations today are going hybrid cloud one way or another, for technical or regulatory reasons, but there are different use cases that we see in the industry. One size does not fit all,” he said.

“There are various types of hybrid computing adoption, depending on either the size or granularity of what people want to deploy, depending on where the data is located. And also, depending on the connectivity options that are at their disposal. Our strategy here is to offer different options to cater to all the different use cases.”

To this point, he said enterprises can opt to have their on-premise workloads hosted exclusively in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) public cloud, which is life in 29 server farm regions across the globe.

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