Plum Cream Blush ft. Fenty Beauty & LYS Beauty

by Jeremy

There are so many cream blushes releasing this year! Today, I thought we’d take a look at two plum-hued cream blushes and critically compare the two.

Learn how to make more critical comparisons between two products when you’re choosing between two options, whether you’re in decluttering mode or considering a new purchase or have been tempted by something new and shiny!

Fenty Beauty Summertime Wine vs. LYS Beauty Passion

The Analysis

Finish Dewy with fine pearl Satin-matte, “skin-like” but not to the point of dewiness
Color Raspberry pink, subtly cool-toned with warmer gold pearl Raspberry pink, cooler-toned
Pigmentation Semi-sheer to medium coverage to start, buildable to semi-opaque coverage Opaque coverage, could be sheered out slightly or used with lighter hand for more buildable coverage
Texture Creamy, lightweight, moderately emollient Creamy, smooth, lightweight, lightly emollient but more powder-like once on skin
Longevity Starts fading at 8.5 hours, faded evenly Starts fading at 9 hours, faded evenly
Application Worked well with fingertips or brushes, on its own or over foundation Worked well with fingertips or brushes, on its own or over foundation
Accessibility Online and in-stores Online and in-stores
Price/Size Solidly mid-end pricing per shade but contains less product than some cream blushes More affordable and contained almost double the amount of product (useful only if one will finish!)
Packaging Plastic, compact, should be durable Plastic, larger and unusually shaped (triangle), should be durable

Reasons for Fenty Beauty Summertime Wine: The finish is what really differentiated the two for me, so if one prefers a bit of pearl and a dewier finish for cream blush, this is the choice. It’s also a little warmer-toned, so if warmth is desired, it would also edge out Passion. It is marginally easier to sheer out or to start off sheerer with this formula.

Reasons for LYS Beauty Passion: If someone wanted to try cream blush but has always worried about the finish being too dewy, this range is less flat compared to a powder blush but not as dewy as most cream blush formulas. The color didn’t have visible shimmer and ran cooler-toned. It would be a better pick for someone who tends to finish their products, too, assuming a year or so (given it is a cream formula) as it contained over double the product.

Editor’s Pick: I love a dewier finish on a cream blush, so I’d go with Summertime Wine. I also love the subtle pearl in it, too, as I tend to prefer shimmery blushes in general!

Bottom Line: They are very similar in terms of ease of application, how they apply, how long they last (and how they fade), and are both fairly adjustable in coverage with Summertime Wine being a little better for those preferring sheerer application from the start. The major difference is in the finish as Summertime Wine is noticeably dewy on the skin after application, and it also had a bit of pearl (though fine enough that it wasn’t night and day comparing finishes).

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