Post Office IT scandal executive forced out of job at Football Association of Wales

by Jeremy

Controversial former Post Office executive Angela van den Bogerd has left her job at the Football Association of Wales (FAW) after mounting pressure over her involvement in the Post Office Horizon scandal. Van den Bogerd was a central figure in the Post Office Horizon scandal that saw sub-post managers blamed for accounting shortfalls caused by computer errors. As a result, many were prosecuted for financial crimes, with some even sent to prison.

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During a 2019 High Court trial where sub-post managers were suing the Post Office, High Court judge Peter Fraser criticized Van der Bogerd’s evidence for the Post Office’s defense, saying she sought to mislead him.

Van den Bogerd left her position as a Post Office director quietly in May last year after many years of service.

She was later appointed head of people at FAW, but when Jack Sargeant, Welsh Parliament member for Alyn and Deeside, expressed his concerns, pressure mounted. In a letter to FAW CEO Jonathan Ford, Sargeant said his fears that FAW had appointed Van den Bogerd despite her involvement in a national scandal.

In his letter, he said Ford should be aware of Van den Bogerd’s involvement in the Post Office Horizon scandal and what judge Fraser told about her in his judgment. “The judge’s comments and the considerations of the victims of the scandal across Wales and the UK should be at the forefront of your mind,” he wrote.

In a multimillion-pound High Court trial, where sub-post managers sued the Post Office, they were proved right that the Horizon system contained errors that could cause apparent losses. Judge Fraser said: “There were two specific matters where [Van den Bogerd] did not give me frank evidence and sought to obfuscate matters and mislead me.”

Not long after Sargeant’s letter, Ford lost a confidence vote in a FAW board meeting, said to have been triggered following criticism of Van der Bogerd’s appointment. He stepped down in March, but Van den Bogerd remained. According to BBC Wales, Van den Bogerd will leave after FAW’s ruling council voted to recommend terminating the employment of Van den Bogerd at a recent meeting. The FAW said it would not comment when contacted by Computer Weekly.

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