Report suggests that Chromebook sales are still amazing in Q2 2021

by Jeremy

The ongoing covid-19 pandemic has affected the tech world in different ways. Some companies have been struggling to get the necessary components to launch their upcoming smartphones, and some of these devices have also been put on hold until the situation improves. However, laptop sales have been outstanding since most people are now forced to work or study from home, and some of the best-selling devices are Chromebooks, according to the latest Canalys report.


The latest data from Canalys shows that PC and tablet sales had another quarter of annual growth. Shipments went up by 10 percent, which means 1.17 million units out of which 11.9 million units were Chromebooks which reached a 75 percent yearly growth that outperforms other PC market categories. In other words, Chromebooks manage to account for 13 percent of the total shipments.

Of course, this isn’t as amazing as the 350 percent growth reported during the first quarter, but Chromebooks are more popular than Windows laptops, Macs, and tablets. The top 5 brands were HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, and Samsung. First place goes to HP with 4.2 million devices launched during this period, Lenovo reached 2.6 million, and Acer reached the 1.6 million mark. Dell placed fourth, and its case is curious as it saw a decline in its shipment numbers, while Samsung, who came last, managed to reach a 300 percent YoY growth.

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