Samsung adds a podcast section to its free-entertainment app

by Jeremy

If you own a Samsung phone, you now have yet another way to listen to your favorite audio shows. The company has added a podcasts section to its Free app, where Samsung users can access a selection of complimentary TV shows, movies, games, and news articles. The team, officially known as Samsung Podcasts, is rolling out to Galaxy S21, S20, Note 20, S10, and Note 10 devices. As long as you’re logged into your Samsung account on Free, you can start listening. According to Samsung, there are “thousands” of podcasts to check out on the app, with popular networks like This American Life.

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NPR and iHeartMedia represented. To be clear, this isn’t a separate app Samsung has created to compete with the likes of and. So you can’t reasonably accuse the company of needlessly replicating software that’s already available through Android proper. Judging from the screenshots, it doesn’t seem like Samsung Podcasts is meant to replace those apps either.

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