Samsung Galaxy S22: Everything we know so far

by Jeremy

Samsung has all but confirmed it would unveil its new foldable lineup for 2021 at the August Unpacked Event. But while the clamshell devices are currently the center of attention, leaks surrounding the Galaxy S22 Series, rumored to release in January, have been informative. With the S21 Series has been on the market for nearly six months, if you’re deciding between waiting for the next generation or buying the current device, this article lists everything we know so far about the Galaxy S22 Series to help you stay informed and possibly make a decision.

Design and Display

It’s hard to argue against the fact that the S21 Series features one of the best smartphone designs to come out of the OEM’s not-so-secret labs. So if you’re looking forward to seeing something new, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Unfortunately, while fan renders seem to be appearing, we have no confirmation about the tentative design from reliable leakers. But @MauriQHD on Twitter did share what he says are the screen sizes for the new lineup.

Galaxy S21 Ultra display

Galaxy S21 Ultra features a 6.8-inch display with a viewable area of 6.6-inches due to its curves.

He mentions that the S22 and S22 Plus will see a marginal reduction in size, coming down from 6.2 and 6.7-inches on the S21 and S21 Plus to 6.06 and 6.55-inches, respectively. The S22 Ultra, on the other hand, has a speculated 6.81-inch screen size, which is ever so slightly larger than the 6.8-inches of the S21 Ultra. If these measurements account for screen curvature, the S22 is smaller than the current 6.1-inch Samsung claims for the S21, but both the S22 Plus and S22 Ultra are

more significant — the Plus by 0.05-inches and the Ultra by 0.21-inches. But since that’s unknown, we can keep these in mind as speculative numbers. He also claims the phones will be thinner, meaning battery life could take a hit. As for screen resolution, the S21 and S21 Plus saw a bump down to an Adaptive 120Hz FHD+ AMOLED display last year; we see no reason for this to change since the phones will aim to maintain the same price and have a rumored smaller battery. You can expect a QHD+ 120Hz panel on the Ultra, though. Samsung can’t take that away unless it wants to upset its customer base.

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