Samsung Talks Unpacked Expectations, iPad mini Leaked Specs & more! (video)

by Jeremy

Once again, the official news today begins with deals, and if you’re looking for a laptop, it’s your lucky day. Starting with the Razer Book 13, which is 170 dollars off, means you can get the Intel Core i7 variant for 1430. If gaming is your thing, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus Ultra Slim laptop is getting a 276 dollar discount, and you get some very lovely specs for 1592, but keep in mind the GPU is a bit outdated. Samsung’s 15-inch Galaxy Book Pro is also 150 dollars off, so the base model is available for 950 bucks. To conclude with laptops, yes, the MacBook Pro still has a 200 dollar price drop, leaving the base model for 1099. For those of you on the market for a smart speaker, the Google Nest Mini is available in a three-pack for 64 bucks, saving you 83 dollars in the process. Finally, the Amazon Echo Buds are also 30 dollars off, leaving them for 110, but you can save an extra 25 percent if you trade others in. We have more deals on LG Monitors and Earbuds, and you can still reserve your devices for Samsung’s Unpacked in the first link in the description to get some crazy good perks.

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