SD Times news digest: Flexible theming in Visual Studio 2022, SolarWinds DBA xPress now free, GrammaTech announces latest version of SAST platform CodeSonar

by Jeremy

Microsoft introduced updates to allow for more customizable workflows, including the ability to sync one’s Visual Studio theme with their Windows theme so that reading can become easier depending on background light.  Moving forward, Microsoft said it is looking to increase flexibility for managing tabs and documents through color coding and customizing tabs. The company will also introduce a range of new theming capabilities to help developers make Visual Studio their own. 

Additional details are available here

Personalization Themes

SolarWinds DBA xPress now free

DBA Xpress product is now available as a free tool for data professionals who need to understand visually structured data environments. The tool helps compare, synchronize, script, and navigate data and schemas while enabling data pros to adopt DataOps and automate their releases seamlessly. 

To succeed in migrating from one environment to another, teams need to optimize their data to maximize the performance of cloud-hosted databases and adopt solutions that enable DataOps practices to drive efficiency and productivity. We’re hoping to kickstart and simplify this optimization process for DBAs, DevOps teams, tech pros, and business leaders alike by offering DBA xPress for free,” said Rohini Kasturi, the chief product officer at SolarWinds.

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