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Some would-be TikTok rivals have faced challenges because they often lack the same robust set of content creation tools, like filters, effects, and tools for repurposing others’ content — like TikTok’s Stitch and Duet, for example. It now appears that Snapchat is working to correct that latter problem, however, as it’s been spotted working on a TikTok Duets-like feature called “Remix,” designed for replying to Snaps. This feature will allow users to create new content using their friends’ Snaps — a “remix,” that is. Initially, the quality will enable users to reply to a friend’s story with a remixed Snap. To do so, you can record your Snap alongside the original as it plays — much like a TikTok Duet.

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The feature, which Snap confirms has launched into external testing, follows Instagram’s public test of a similarly named “Remix” feature focused on Reels content. (It had also tested a version for Stories as a first step.)

In Instagram’s case, the company explains that Remix lets anyone create an Instagram Reel where your video and theirs play side-by-side. This is, essentially, Instagram’s version of TikTok Duets, a tool that’s often used to interact with other TikTok users’ content. In Duets, TikTok users can sing, dance, joke, act alongside another user’s video, cook someone else’s recipe, record reaction videos, boost videos from lesser-known creators, and more. It’s a core part of what makes TikTok feel like a social network, rather than just a platform for more passive video viewing.

Last fall, TikTok announced it was introducing several new layout options for Duets in addition to the left-right layout, including a new top-bottom configuration, a unique “react” layout, and a three-screen layout. Some of those same Duet formats and others now appear to be under consideration by Snap, as well. In its Remix feature, Snapchat users are presented with a screen where they can choose from a variety of options for combining Snaps — including the side-by-side and top-and-bottom formats and others like where content is overlaid or where you could react to a Snap.

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