Stop being naive when it comes to things like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc.

by Jeremy

Today, the trend has been to stop using WhatsApp ever since the policy was updated to allow sharing your personal information with Facebook. Some recommend switching to other centralized messaging systems like Signal or Telegram, but there’s a problem with that. Read on to learn how to recognize when a messaging app is out to profit and control you versus enabling better communications between people.

I never became dependent on WhatsApp because I knew something like this would happen eventually ten years ago. I mean, the clues are pretty obvious; it’s a closed system, every app has to connect to the same centralized servers, it requires your phone number…  it was designed from the beginning to:

  1. Generate a large user base over some number of years;
  2. Sell out and change policies to take advantage of the user base;
  3. Profit.

Embarrassingly, hundreds of millions of people keep falling for this scheme. I hear that in some countries, people even do business through WhatsApp. Switching to another messaging service might seem like the solution to Facebook’s monetization of your privacy, but be careful as you’re probably just trading one dictatorship for another dictatorship. Maybe the new dictator seems like a better dictator?

Pavel Duroc, the founder and chief of Telegram may say things like “respect users”, but how long will that last? Whatsapp’s founders, Jan Koum and Brian Acton, were originally good dictators who respected users, too. They even promised to protect user data after the Facebook acquisition! That didn’t last very long now.

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