Street Artist Celebrates COVID-19 Shots With Sweet Tribute To His Newly Vaccinated Dad

by Jeremy

COVID-19 vaccines — and the hope of returning to the freedom they represent — are celebrated in a new street art piece in Bristol, England.

Street artist DIFF painted an image of a retiree speeding down a hill in a shopping cart in honor of his father, 78, who received his first shot last month after self-isolating for almost a year throughout the pandemic.


Nearby, DIFF mocked up a warning sign for cart-driving retirees.

“It’s him getting close to freedom from the virus,” DIFF wrote on Instagram.

“I just wanted to celebrate this, that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and have a bit of fun, and hopefully make people smile,” the artist, who was hired to paint the piece by the wall’s owner and said he adhered to national lockdown rules currently in force in the United Kingdom while doing so, told the Bristol Post newspaper.

He told HuffPost on Saturday that DIFF was “absolutely blown away with all the kinds words” from people who’d seen the image.

Check out DIFF’s earlier coronavirus-themed pieces below:

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