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This weekend the Chiefs take on the Bucs in Super Bowl LVI, and if you’re a cord-cutter trying to watch the big game, we have all the advice needed to find a stream. The bad news is that if you’re looking for a 4K HDR feed this year, you’re out of luck, as CBS isn’t providing one. Still, there should be even more close-up camera angles than in most years, with fewer fans in the stadium than usual.

Too Many Nooks

Until then, check out Too Many Nooks. It’s an Animal Crossing-based remake of the 2014 viral video Too Many Cooks that proves we may have been in isolation for far too long.

— Richard Lawler

Only the corners have even a hint of the bezel.


The real challenge, Xiaomi notes, was in “manufacturing a 88° quad-curved glass panel” and bonding it to the underlying display. All told, Xiaomi says, the process of correctly shaping glass layers like this involved in-house processing equipment, 800-degree heat, multiple polishing tools, and thousands of attempts.
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Plus, Super Bowl TV deals.

Apple M1 MacBook Pro

A few of the latest MacBooks with Apple’s new M1 chips are on sale, while a couple of Vizio OLED TVs are hundreds of dollars off at Best Buy. You may not receive your new TV before the big game on Sunday, but it’s still worth checking out these Super Bowl TV deals if you’re in the market for a new set. Plus, Amazon’s Kindles are at the best prices we’ve seen since Black Friday, and Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure is back in stock and on sale. Here are all the best deals from the week that you can still snag today, and remember to follow @EngadgetDeals on Twitter for more updates.
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Virtual Sundance, Bezos leaves Amazon and the Apple Car.

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This week, Devindra and Engadget’s Managing Editor, Terrence O’Brien, chat about all of the wild movies, VR experiences, and new media projects they saw at the online Sundance Film Festival. We discuss Rodney Ascher’s dive into simulation theory, A Glitch in the Matrix, the meditative tech documentary Users, and our experiences exploring VR parties.  Also, we chat about Jeff Bezos’ plan to step down as Amazon’s CEO (and why it’s terrifying that he has more time to become a supervillain), and the Apple Car rumors are finally starting to sound realistic.

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