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by Jeremy

This is a particular time in the evolution of software testing.  Teams worldwide are facing new challenges associated with working from home. Digital transformation initiatives are placing unprecedented pressure on innovation.  Speed is the new currency for software development and testing. The penalty for software failure is at an all-time high as news of outages and end-user frustration goes viral on social media. Open-source point tools are good at steering interfaces but are not a complete solution for test automation.

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Meanwhile, testers are being asked to do more while reducing costs.

Now is the time to re-think the software testing life cycle with an eye towards more comprehensive automation. Testing organizations need a platform that enables incremental process improvement, and data curated to optimize software testing must be at the center of this solution. Organizations that leverage multiple open-source or proprietary testing tools must consider an Open Testing Platform to keep pace with Agile and enterprise DevOps initiatives.   

What is an Open Testing Platform?

An Open Testing Platform (OTP) is a collaboration hub that assists testers in keeping pace with change. It transforms observations into action – enabling organizations to inform testers about the critical environment and system changes, act upon comments to zero in on ‘what’ precisely needs to be tested, and automate the acquisition of test data required for adequate test coverage.

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