The potential of the DevOps fourth wave

by Jeremy

A fourth wave of DevOps is expected to tie together earlier tools into a platform that covers every phase of the DevOps life cycle, according to Sid Sijbrandij, the co-founder and CEO of GitLab.

Sibrandij, delivering the keynote address at the GitLab Commit Virtual conference, said the platform will bring together development, operations, and security while allowing groups to plan, build, secure, and deploy important software.


From 2011, when GitLab was first being created, until today, the culture around DevOps has changed, he said. “At GitLab we see four phases in the adoption of DevOps tools over time,” he began. Sijbrandij defined these phases as: 

Silo DevOps, where each team would select their own tools. The problem with this was when the teams tried to collaborate, they were not familiar with the tools of the other team.

Fragmented DevOps, where organizations employed the same specific set of tools across each stage of the DevOps lifecycle. This granted teams the ability to collaborate but because the tools were not connected it proved difficult to move through the lifecycle.

DIY DevOps, where organizations manually integrated their DevOps point solutions. The problem here was that these tools were not designed to use the same concepts, and so they never fit quite right resulting in an enormous effort to uphold.

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