To succeed in career one should understand the larger play: Sainath Maharatta Salankey, Founder and CEO, SHN

by Jeremy

A successful is built on lifestyle concepts and talent. To become your best version and develop habits, skills, inner circle, and connections must be holistically made in today’s world. You should develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, social currency, upto date learning which makes one strong. To become successful students, young professionals, technology & management professionals, life coaches, business coaches, leadership gurus & mentors, entrepreneurs, etc., StrongHumanNetwork offers effective communication, trust and confidence building training to its members, enabling learning, personal development, relationship building,  professional & financial success, and health.

In an exclusive conversation with Financial Express Online, Sainath Maharatta Salankey- Founder and CEO, Strong Human Network, talked about their vision and more. Excerpts In the current uncertain times, the essential life skills needed are 1st having a solid and calm mindset and being resilient to challenges and failures. This resilience comes from awareness. Because soo much is happening around the world(and so much information, options available on fingertips), staying in the continuous understanding of oneself and the outside world and not getting overwhelmed is a very challenging task. To handle these pressures and stay sane, calm and succeed, one needs to be in the right ambiance and company, and that is what StrongHumanNetwork offers to its members.

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