Tower 28 Rush Hour BeachPlease Cream Blush Review & Swatches

by Jeremy

The consistency was smooth, lightly creamy with enough slip to make it blendable and spreadable over bare skin as well as over foundation, but it didn’t sheer out so much that it lost its coverage. It built up readily, too, which made coverage range from semi-sheer to mostly opaque–very flexible and versatile. As a blush, it applied evenly and blended out with little effort with good longevity at eight hours.

tower 28 rush hour 001 product

As a lip product, the product was more prone to clinging to imperfections and separating a bit along my lip lines as it was a little thinner and clingier, though not really uncomfortable to wear. It wore decently for two hours and felt non-drying over time.

Formula Overview
for details on general performance and characteristics (like scent).

Formula Overview

$20.00/0.158 oz. – $126.58 Per Ounce

The formula is supposed to have “buildable color” with a “luminous, second-skin finish” that can be used on lips and cheeks. They seem quite pigmented initially, but they are more buildable coverage than they are intense coverage as the moderately emollient consistency readily sheers out in practice. This is likely how most people want their cream blushes to work, as it makes the formula easy to work with as it’s quite blendable but can easily be built up for higher coverage where needed.

As a cream blush, the finish was dewy, but it had dried down and no longer felt emollient to the touch, which yielded better longevity on my skin. The formula sings as a cream blush, which would be the purpose I’d recommend these for. They applied evenly and blended out nicely on bare skin as well as over foundation as it did not lift up base products. They lasted around eight hours for most shades before fading–not sliding–on me.

As a lip product, the finish was less dewy and looked more satin. They’re weaker as a lip product than a cream blush as the product was more prone to separating along my lip lines or catching on imperfections with so-so wear. They were comfortable enough to wear, as they were thin but not clingy, with color that lasted two to three hours. I did not find it hydrating as a lip product.

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