Trump ‘Imagines’ How People Would Squawk Had COVID-19 ‘Attack’ Erupted On His Watch

by Jeremy

Former President Donald Trump suggested in an interview that critics would have been so much harder on him than on President Joe Biden had there been a COVID-19 “attack” on his watch like the one occurring now.


But Trump compared the coronavirus last year to little more than a case of the flu and insisted 18 months ago that topics within days would go down “close to zero.” The U.S. ended up tallying 25 million instances of COVID-19, and deaths topped 400,000 by the end of his administration.

He seemed to forget that part when he called in Saturday night to Fox News host Dan Bongino.

“Could you imagine if I were president right now and we had this massive attack from the coronavirus?” he asked. “If that were me, they would say, ‘What a horrible thing, what a horrible job.’ And I don’t ever hear that.”

Many of the rest of his comments were also confusing, including the one following his “imagine” remark: “You know how they like to call it the, they have new names, and they’ll have other new names, but it’s exactly what we had, we had the same thing.” The phrase he was likely searching for was the “delta variant” of the coronavirus. At least he acknowledged it’s similar to “what we had” during his administration.

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