UI testing a key part of delivering good user experiences

by Jeremy

User experience has always been an essential factor in the success of an application, but in an increasingly digital-only world, its importance is only increasing.  If all goes perfectly, the user doesn’t think about what’s going on behind the scenes. When a button does what it’s supposed to when it’s clicked on, the user goes about their day, possibly even completing a transaction on the site. But when that button takes several seconds to do anything — or, worst-case scenario, never actually does anything — the user will be frustrated and perhaps jump to a competing site. 

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According to Eran Bachar, senior product management lead at software company Micro Focus, UI testing is the part of the process that tests for usability, which encompasses making sure that customers who will use the application understand the different flows. Another element of UI testing, especially in the web and mobile space, is testing user experience. “If you’re waiting more than two seconds for a specific operation to be completed, that can be a problem.

The moment when you click on a button, when you click on an icon, when you click on any element, you should have a very, very fast responsive kind of an action,” Bachar said. Clinton Sprauve, director of product marketing at testing company Tricentis, added: “The goal of UI testing is to understand all aspects from a UI perspective on the business process side, but also on the technical side to make sure there aren’t any things that are wrong from a functional testing point.

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