Use TaoTronics Ring Light for pro-level selfies, Zooming, and streaming

by Jeremy

With Zoom calls and apartment selfies as the new reality for the immediate future, our friends, family, and co-workers see us in the most unflattering light daily. Whether your face is poorly lit, overexposed, backlit, or low-resolution, you’re not showing off your best self to others or yourself. The fact is, most computers have terrible webcams, and the best way to photograph or film yourself is to use an adjustable tripod with built-in lighting and amount for your Android camera — setups that several of Android Central’s video editors use.


If you’re looking for a professional-quality setup that everyday photo amateurs can afford, consider the TaoTronics Ring Light CL025. We were shipped one from TaoTronics for a hands-on and were immediately impressed by the results. Thanks to its adjustable height, varied color modes that work well with different skin tones, and a simple, effective remote with Bluetooth camera tech, it has all the tools you need to make you look and feel like a professional indoor videographer.

Built for (almost) any indoor environment

Source: Android Central

Setting up the TaoTronics Ring Light took just a couple of minutes. You screw and tighten the top ring attachment into the tripod while the phone holder is already attached in position. From there, you can pull out tabs on the legs or central rod to unlock and extend them to different heights, anywhere between 17 and 78 inches. That made it tall enough to work well for a 6-foot person at a standing desk or anyone seated at a desk.

The tripod legs are too wide to sit on a surface other than the floor, even at its shortest. So depending on the placement of your desk about the wall, the Ring Light may only fit on one side of your desk or the other, which would affect the angle of the video and the lighting. But you can certainly make that setup work, and for general selfies and filming in your home, anyone from a toddler to a short NBA player has a height setting that will work for them.

Wherever you place it, the ring itself can turn a full 360 degrees or tilt 90 degrees straight upward or downward, giving you total versatility for whatever photo creativity you’re aiming for.

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