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by Jeremy

Metrics are great. They give you insight into how your systems are running and help you see the results of what you’ve done. They allow you to derive value from your efforts, But what if you want not merely to play catch-up with what the metrics are telling you but instead want to mitigate against how things will go? According to Adam Dahlgren, VP of product development at Allstacks, that is where value stream intelligence comes in. He calls VSI the evolution of value stream management. Organizations (mostly) all believe they’re doing great work. But from a business-level view, many are still

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flying blind.  He explains: “There are all these different value streams, for marketing, sales, customer success, product developers, and the like. But they’re all hinged on each other. One of these value streams is developers building a feature, which is driving later and later. Well, the product marketing stream is relying on and reacting to the change in the developer stream. And all they can do right now is just react when I say, ‘Oh, it’s way crap, I gotta do something else.’ I’m scrambling, always playing catch-up.

If instead, we can give the developers and the product marketers in this example the ability to communicate with each other on an ongoing basis on how things are changing, now we’ve restored power to each of the orgs to say, well, based on what’s transpiring, how do you want to change your behavior? Now you’ve connected those values. So this developer value stream that maybe is running late has a cascading impact on the marketing value stream. … And that’s like the intelligence layer. It’s not just what has transpired; it’s given what’s happened; what are we going to do next?

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