What is mobile computing?

by Jeremy

What is Mobile Computing?

Mobile computing is a technology in which various information such as audio, video, etc., is transmitted through a computer or another wireless device. In this, mobile devices are not physically connected among themselves.

What is mobile computing?

Following are the main concepts of mobile computing-

Mobile Communication

Mobile communication is an infrastructure system in which the communication system runs continuously without any hindrance and reliability. Necessary protocols, services, bandwidth, and portals are required to facilitate the communication system, and in this stage, the format of data is also ensured.

Mobile Hardware

This includes mobile devices and device components that receive and access communication services. These devices include portable laptops, smartphones, tablets, personal digital assistants (PAD). All these devices are configured in full-duplex, in which they can send and receive signals at the same time. To send a password to a device in a full-duplex, one does not have to wait until the other device finishes sending the signal. It goes on continuously.

Mobile Software

Mobile software is a program that runs on mobile hardware and works according to the characteristics and needs of the mobile application. We can also call it a portable device engine. In other words, it is the operating system of the mobile device. It is the main component of the mobile device that operates the machine.

Mobile Computing Applications

Now the FCOM manuals of the airplane have been wholly replaced with PDA and Tablet PCs. In addition, PDA or Tablet PCs are used for grading in simulator training. It helps the user to know the flight time table and access the ticket related information. The use of mobile computing also provides the facility of virtual checking for regular customers. This technology facilitates the control of cargo and airline baggage. The process of bagging has been made faster and easier by mixing information directly from the database by scanning the barcode on the luggage using the mobile computing application.

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