Why You Should Compare Electricity Providers in Your Area

by Jeremy

Whether you’re a homeowner or rent an apartment, odds are your monthly energy bill is one of your largest expenses. Just consider how many items and appliances get factored into your electric utility costs, and it’s easy to see why. Regardless of the season, your air systems, washer and dryer, and water usage all factor into electricity costs. The good news is that, with a little savvy, you can find an energy provider with the very best rates around. Here, we will look at why you should compare the electricity providers in your area and how you can save a bundle of money every month.

The Benefits of Comparing Electricity Providers


The first thing to research is whether or not you live in a deregulated energy state. This can give you the option of switching energy providers should you find better rates at competitive prices. Looking at the different monthly deals that various energy companies offer can be a learning lesson, both in financial savings and how to manage your home’s energy efficiency. If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where shopping retail electricity providers are allowed, your main focus is on two areas: the delivery of the energy and the supply itself. However, if you don’t have options for different electric plans, your supplier is mostly selected by your town or the owner of your apartment building.

When researching for the best provider, your best plan is to start by looking at the top providers available locally. Some allow for fixed-rate electric service, which negates the potential loss of financial savings on a month-to-month basis, as many other retail electric providers fluctuate their cost of service. If you’re unsure if this is a potential issue, a quick call to each retail energy provider’s customer service department can answer the basic questions regarding the monthly plan for new residential customers.

How the Savings Work

If you’ve done your due diligence, seeking out customer reviews or speaking with commercial customers regarding the service provided by their energy company, you should come out with the best option for a top-rated, first choice power company. With that in mind, you could start seeing major financial benefits from your new plan today.

For example (and most noticeably), you’ll see the price of your monthly energy bill drop right away. As a matter of fact, in the United States, switching to a more reasonably-priced energy provider (coupled with a proactive approach to being energy efficient within your home) can save you approximately 40% per month than you may be paying right now. In addition to the comparatively cheap electric rate, you’ll also benefit from the option for a fixed-rate plan and a larger variety of choices for energy efficient, environmentally-friendly options. Many electric suppliers will even allow commercial customers to switch for a “greener” electric option, such as renewable energy, for a lower cost.

Combining Utilities with Efficiency


Whether you’re a renter or own your own home, once you’ve found a better option for your monthly energy bill, you can combine those savings with a push for energy-efficient appliances and a proactive, personal approach to conserving energy. Aside from reducing the size of your environmental footprint, adding these two elements to your selection of a new utility company can bring your monthly bill down past the halfway mark! Most importantly, even if local or state law in your area doesn’t warrant competitive electricity provider shopping, the latter two options still put some leverage on your side.

As part of your energy supply plan, consider shopping for appliances specifically made to be more energy-efficient. In today’s modern market with an eye on environmental conservation, these options are available from most retailers, as well as online. Additionally, try to run your washer-dryer less frequently and always on its cold water settings (hot water options use your electricity to heat the water), and try to clean your dishes by hand as much as possible. If you add these simple solutions to your selection for a better-rate utility provider, you’ll see amazing savings as early as your next bill.

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