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Elevate Your Wedding Reception with a Champagne Tower Display

Do you want your wedding reception to be something more than just a reception? What could be better than a splendid Champagne Tower arrangement? Make your special day more special with falling bubbles and gleaming glasses that we assure will make you and the guests happy. Welcome to Champagne Towers and let me show you how to bring your event to another level using this splendid tradition. 

What is a Champagne Tower?

A Champagne Tower is the elegant cohort made from the set of champagne glasses where upward pouring from the glass at the top level results to form a waterfall. The actual tower may be significantly different concerning its dimensions, and it can include hundreds of champagne tower glasses  for holding more or less people during some occasions. 

 The process of creating a Champagne Tower entails a lot of concern so as to be able to place the glasses in a way that can be able to support each other. The signals are given and the champagne is gently poured into the glass at the very top and due to the pressure difference, it bubbles down to the bottom glass producing a spectacular sight and sound effect. 

 Champagne Tower is always entertaining to the guests which makes it an added advantage as a centerpiece at a wedding or any other occasions. A Champagne Tower has all the appeal of a luxury item and also puts the focus on the pleasure of drinking champagne during the celebration. 

The History of Champagne Towers

Ever since the discovery Champagne towers have been considered a mark of celebrating and elegant living. Properly, these extravagant displays originated in France in the 17 century; the grandees used them to demonstrate over pouring of champagne at royal entertainments and other grand parties. 

 Thus, the practice of stacking the glasses in the form of a pyramid was quickly associated with the concept of being classy. To the guests’ delight champagne could be poured from the top glass to the other glasses placed in descending order. 

 Eventually, champagne towers changed from a spectacle of an opulent status symbol into a frequently used wine accessory in weddings, galas, and other ceremonies around the globe. The beauty of a champagne tower still enchants the audience and provides an incredible addition to the event. 

 However simple it is to organize a champagne tower, making it a part of your wedding reception, irrespective of whether you are using the traditional pyramid structure or coming up with a more contemporary design, is bound to transform the feel of your wedding reception and create more memories for you and your family as well as your guests to cherish. 

Choosing the Right Champagne and Glasses

When re-leasing on the champagne and the glasses to be used in constructing the champagne tower, there are several considerations that can be made. 

 It is therefore paramount to spend a decent amount of time and effort in choosing a good champagne that would meet everyone’s taste. It is recommended to choose a good brut/extra brut champagne appropriate for different tastes. 

 Subsequent to that, but suitable flutes or coupes that are classically beautiful for the context of a wedding reception. Flutes are ideal to present the bubbles in the champagne floating while coupes are retro chic. 

 Think about the size and form of the glasses also – it is better to use tall flutes for tall towers, the smaller coupes will be suitable for the more intimate occasion. 

 A suitable champagne coupled with appropriate glasses brings the ultimate difference in any reception, including weddings, thus ensuring that all the attendees have memorable experiences. 

The Impact of a Champagne Tower on Your Wedding Reception

Picture this: your guests moving into the wedding reception hall and catching a sight of a champagne tower twinkling in the light. Just the view already provides the ambiance of a fancy and marvelous night to which the rest of the evening has no other way but to uphold. 

 If there is a champagne tower at your wedding reception you are adding a spark, some elegance, glamour to your occasion. Besides, it is a perfect focal point; in addition to that, it adds the feeling that the place is quite luxurious. 

 Looking at the guests which eagerly take the places around the table to witness the pouring process of champagne starting from the main glass atop pouring champagne into other glasses located beneath, it is rather possible to identify the feeling of celebration and happiness on the faces of people. It rises above the liquid status and becomes a symbol of love, happiness and new start. 

 Besides the aesthetic function, a champagne tower is much more than that as it establishes itself as the central point where people gather, communicate and, most importantly, make unforgettable moments with friends and family. From a normal toast you get to turn it into a spectacle and all the guests get to leave your wedding feeling special and being part of the magic. 

Budget-Friendly Options for a Stunning Display

So as much as it is true that you can go all out with a champagne tower display to bring your wedding reception to a different level, there are great money-saving ideas out there that you can go for and have a fabulous look for your special event. Due to this you have to be very intelligent when choosing the champagne and the glasses, or you should think of DIY or carrying smaller towers. 

 However note that it goes beyond the quality of champagne or the type, marque and sparkle to the whole experience that is associated with champagne. Remember, using attractive champagne tower display does not have to be difficult, with a little planning you can ensure that you and your guests enjoy a sophisticated event. Congratulations on the love filled future and here is to a marriage full of joy and happiness.